Would you love to have your needlepoint ornaments back from the finishers in...two hours?

Have your gifts ready for Christmas. You’ve poured your heart into a totally unique and personal gift - now you can complete your needlepoint with the same love and care!

About the class

The class is online, self paced, and accessible at any time!

Part 1: Round Ornament Finishing is designed to recreate an in-person class, where I take you step by step through the entire finishing process. The videos are in real time so you can see each step and work along from start to finish! Each video step builds on the last until you have a completed round ornament.

Part 2: Square and Rectangular Ornament Finishing builds on Part 1, focusing on the unique aspects of square and rectangular ornament finishing.

The bonus section dives deeper into topics along with alternative techniques such as How to Lace an Ornament - for those who prefer to avoid glue, and Glueing on Your Cording - for those who prefer to avoid sewing!

The built in class community accessible only through the class platform for connecting with like minded gals crazy about needlepoint, asking questions, and sharing your beautiful work.

You will receive a finishing kit which includes everything you need to create your first ornament:

  • Kreinik Cording Maker
  • Blank canvas round
  • Round boards
  • Batting
  • Fabric
  • Pins
  • Needles
  • Needle threader
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Pearl cotton
  • A bonus finishing kit for your second ornament!
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Should I Take This Class?

  • Who is this class for?

    This class is for anyone who loves to get crafty! If you dislike waiting a long time to hang that beautiful stitching up in your home, this class is certainly for you. This class is also for any stitcher who wants to take back a third of their crafting budget and redirect it to canvases and threads!

  • Who is the class maybe for?

    Anyone who prefers to send their ornaments to the finishers but wants to be ready for exciting life events! Did you find out you’re a first time Grandma in September? - Have that ornament ready by Thanksgiving! Did your best friend just get engaged? - Whip up her new monogram and have it ready by the engagement party.

  • Who is this class NOT for?

    Not everyone is going to enjoy the ornament finishing process. If you love to needlepoint but aren’t fond of a big pair of scissors, hand sewing, or getting your fingers dirty with glue…send that ornament to the finishers and keep working through that stash.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • The Class Community!

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Finishing a Round Ornament

    • Step 1. Materials

    • Step 2. Cutting Out the Canvas

    • Step 3. Creating the Ornament Front

    • Step 4. Creating the Ornament Back

    • Step 5. Attaching the Front and Back

    • Step 6. Cord Materials

    • Step 7. Prepping the Cord

    • Step 8. Twisting the Cord

    • Step 9. Sewing the Ornament Together

    • Step 10. Attaching the Cord

    • Step 11. Creating the Loop

    • Congratulations!

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Finishing a Square & Rectangular Ornament

    • Prepping Your Materials

    • Cutting Out the Canvas

    • Creating the Ornament Front

    • Creating the Ornament Back

    • Attaching the Front and Back

    • Pinning the Cord and Creating the Hanger

    • Attaching the Cord

  • 4

    Bonus Lessons!

    • FAQ

    • The Complete Guide to Cording

    • How to Lace an Ornament and About Glue

    • How to Glue On Your Cording

    • How to Cut Out a Round Board

    • How to Make a Skein Holder DIY

  • 5

    Finishing Up!...

    • Finishing up

    • Thank you!


  • How long will I have access to the class?

    You will have “class lifetime” access! ( In other words - as long as the class is alive. :) It could be five years, it could be fifty! )

  • What is your return policy?

    If anything in your kit is damaged, defective, or lost, it will be replaced promptly. I have every confidence that the instructions and supporting features give you everything you need to be successful! I am always here to answer ANY questions!

  • Can I take or share the class with a friend?

    The class is designed to be taken by a single person. You’ll receive one set of supplies. While the class is online, please know that this small business relies solely on you, our wonderful customers to keep it up and running - so Abigail Cecile can continue creating beautiful and enriching content for your lives and homes. ♥

Coming Soon! The Special Shapes Ornament Finishing Class.

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Kind words from previous classes

  • "As a beginner, I truly loved the Wildflower Background Club. Your instructions were easy to follow, and made stitches that seemed intimidating at first totally doable. I now feel confident using any of these stitches! The quality of design and materials is top notch- I can tell so much intentional thought and effort went into creating it. I'd recommend this club to anyone, truly- it was fantastic."

  • "...the club was fantastic and I feel much more confident in attempting new stitches! Sometimes learning a new stitch can be daunting but this club allowed me to feel like that I was capable of perfecting these stitches. I hope to be able to participate in another club again with you!"

  • "...Would definitely recommend this course to needlepointers at all levels - for beginners, it's a great way to learn how (and when! the most important part!) to use stitches other than basketweave/tent stitch, and for more advanced stitchers, it's a fun way to get back to basics and work on a set of canvases at a not-too-prohibitive price."