Would you love to confidently finish that crazy shaped ornament you've been avoiding?

I'll show you how to create the perfect template and board, show you my original method for finishing stars, hearts, and any shape with points, and how to add a great background or extra rows of stitching to your ornament!

About the class

The class is online, self paced, and accessible at any time!

Part 1: Introduction covers materials unique to special shape ornament finishing. Relevant pre-finishing techniques are also covered, such as “how to add a background to a design” and “adding extra rows of stitching around a design.” 

Part 2: Finishing a Special Shape Ornament builds on basic ornament finishing, taking the techniques used in round and square ornament finishing and combining them in a single piece. Each video step builds on the last, so you can follow the entire process of finishing a special shape ornament (the example ornament finished in the class is my Pommed Hat Ornament). 

Part 3: Finishing Stars and Hearts with Inward and Outward Points focuses on how to correctly finish ornaments with elements that come to a point. I walk you through my original technique for finishing a star (or triangular) and a heart shaped ornament.  

The bonus section dives deeper into topics and includes complementary tab plans for popular special shapes such as wine and liquor bottles, round ornaments with caps, and others. 

The built in class community accessible only through the class platform for connecting with like minded gals crazy about needlepoint, asking questions, and sharing your beautiful work.

This class builds on the Online Ornament Finishing Class. Basic techniques such as: creating tabs, creating cords, sewing the ornament, and sewing the cord are not covered. If you are new to ornament finishing we highly recommend starting with the Online Ornament Finishing Class! <3

*This class comes with an optional tool and supply kit. This class was designed for you to follow along while finishing a special shaped ornament of your choice. The Pommed Hat Kit example project is not included with the class. However, if you wish to follow along exactly it can be purchased separately here.*

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Should I Take This Class?

  • Who is this class for?

    This class is for anyone who is ready to take their ornament finishing to the next level! It is for anyone who loves to get crafty, who wants to get over the hump of those intimidating shapes, and who wants to create with nothing holding them back!

  • Who is the class maybe for?

    While this class was created for those already familiar with basic ornament finishing, this class may be for anyone who is resourceful, ready to experiment, and ready fully dive into this fun and wonderful technique!

  • Who is this class NOT for?

    This class isn't really for anyone who hasn’t tried basic ornament finishing before. Within the instructions we assume you are comfortable cutting tabs, sewing your ornament together, sewing cording, and creating cords as those and other basic techniques are either covered in our first class the Online Ornament Finishing Class or given a quick overview.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • The Class Community!

    • Before We Begin...

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Materials and Prep

    • Materials

    • Adding Extra Rows of Stitching

    • Adding a Background

  • 3

    Chapter 2: Finishing a Special Shape Ornament

    • Following Along

    • Step 1. Creating a Board Template

    • Step 2. Cutting Out the Board

    • Step 3. Creating a Tab Plan

    • Step 4. Cutting Out the Canvas

    • Step 5. Cutting the Second Board

    • Step 6. Pinning the Canvas

    • Step 7. Creating the Ornament Front

    • Step 8. Creating the Ornament Back

    • Step 9. Attaching the Front and Back

    • Step 10. Cording for Special Shapes

    • Step 11. Sewing the Ornament

    • Step 12. Finishing Up (attaching the cord and creating the loop)

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Finishing Outward and Inward Points

    • Stars and Hearts

    • Stars 1: Creating a Template and Cutting the Board

    • Stars 2: Cutting Out the Canvas

    • Stars 3: Creating the Ornament Front - Pinning

    • Stars 4: Creating the Ornament Front - Glueing

    • Stars 5: Creating the Ornament Back

    • Stars 6: Attaching the Front and Back

    • Stars 7: Sewing Outward Points

    • Stars 8: Finishing Up (attaching the cord and creating the loop)

    • Hearts 1: Creating a Template and Cutting the Board

    • Hearts 2: Cutting Out the Canvas

    • Hearts 3: Creating the Ornament Front

    • Hearts 4: Creating the Ornament Back

    • Hearts 5: Attaching the Front and Back

    • Hearts 6: Finishing Up (attaching the cord and creating the loop)

  • 5

    Bonus Lessons!

    • Materials Guide Download

    • The Guide to Special Shape Cording

    • How to Create Different Types of Corners

    • Tab Plans

    • FAQ

  • 6

    Finishing Up!...

    • Finishing Up!

    • Thank You!


  • Can I take this class if I am new to ornament finishing?

    This class doesn't cover basic ornament finishing techniques but builds on the Online Ornament Finishing Class. But if you're comfortable with basic finishing techniques such as: creating cording, creating tabs, sewing your ornament and cording, than absolutely jump right in!

  • How long will I have access to the class?

    You will have “class lifetime” access! ( In other words - as long as the class is alive. :) It could be five years, it could be fifty! )

  • Does the class include how to use a die cut machine?

    We decided against using a die cut machine in this class for multiple reasons. However, we are experimenting with the Cameo Sillouette and plan to have additional free material at a later date.

  • What is your return policy?

    This class is not returnable. Upon checkout you are granted immediate access to the class. I have every confidence that the instructions and supporting features give you everything you need to be successful! I am always here to answer ANY questions!

  • Can I take or share the class with a friend?

    The class is designed to be taken by a single person. While the class is online, please know that this small business relies solely on you, our wonderful customers to keep it up and running - so Abigail Cecile can continue creating beautiful and enriching content for your lives and homes. ♥

  • Does the class come with a kit?

    The class comes with an optional kit which must be selected and we do offer a whole selection of finishing materials at www.abigailcecile.com.

Kind words from the Online Ornament Finishing Class

  • "Each year I make a needlepoint ornament that is unique to each of my five grandchildren"..."being able to finish them myself has made this truly a gift from me, from start to finish, but equally important is the fact that I simply no longer could afford to have them all finished professionally.  To be able to continue this tradition means more than I can say.  I watched your first round ornament  finishing class, and your instructions and videos were so clear and informative that I thought, “ I can do this.”  Nothing is left to question.  This year I took a deep breath and moved on to irregularly shaped ornaments.  Having the ability to review and return to sections as I worked was immensely helpful,  it was like having a tutor in the room with me." - Milly

  • "The explanations and the demonstrations were pitch perfect. I believed that I could finish an ornament after watching the videos"..."I felt as though Abby was right there with me, guiding me and encouraging me. To convey that on video is a skill and a gift. Truly. I derive even more enjoyment from needlepoint, knowing I can finish a gift and knowing that I can learn even more skills. Finally, the cost to value ratio with the finishing class is skewed heavily in favor of the student. In essence, it’s a gift from Abby to needlepointers." - Kelley