What is the club?

This club was born out of a desire to bring something lovely and cheerful to your door every month. It was also created to educate and share my most loved background stitches - the stitches I turn to time and again.

After taking this course on background stitches, you will be able to use these stitches for any needlepoint background, so you can have confidence and joy in stitching!

What is included?

  • Six small lovely surprise canvases each featuring a different wildflower (painted on 18 count canvas).
  •  Six pre-recorded multimedia lessons on how to stitch my favorite background stitches.
  • The threads to create your own series of pretty wildflower pieces that can be turned into a gallery wall, ornaments for an easter tree, or a garland - it’s up to you!
  • A private Facebook group to connect, share progress, and ask questions.

When does the club begin?

  • You will receive a package with the first two wildflower kits on or before April 15. The class starts and first lessons become available on April 15.
  • Each wildflower kit and lesson will span the length of two weeks. The class will end on July 15.

FAQs and course preview below!

I'd love to have you stitch and learn with me!

Enroll now - class space is limited

Course curriculum preview

take a peek at the lessons below

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome!

    • Materials

    • Background Stitches

    • Choosing a Background Shape

    • Stitching the Wildflowers

  • 2

    Wildflower 1 Forget-Me-Not: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

    • Let's Connect...

  • 3

    Wildflower 2 Meadow Pink: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

  • 4

    Wildflower 3 Birdsfoot Trefoil: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

  • 5

    Wildflower 4 Violet: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

    • Half Way Through!

  • 6

    Wildflower 5 Wild Rose: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

  • 7

    Wildflower 6 Sunflower: Background Stitch

    • Introducing...

    • Learning the Stitch

    • Compensating

    • Next Steps

  • 8

    Bonus Ornament Finishing Class!

    • Welcome!

    • Materials and Tools

    • Wildflower Ornament Finishing Part 1

    • Wildflower Ornament Finishing Part 2

  • 9

    The Club Booklet!

    • The Club Booklet!

    • Download Here


  • What is the skill level of this class?

    Beginner - Intermediate. I will be showing you how to stitch my personal favorite background stitches. They range from Skipped Tent to Criss Cross Hungarian. This class is meant for stitchers who are comfortable stitching a Tent Stitch and have completed at least one or two pieces.

  • What threads will be included in the kits?

    We will be working with some of my favorite threads! Tilli Tomas Essentials and Petite Silk Lame Braid.

  • What comes in each kit and lesson?

    Enough threads to stitch one wildflower, a card of Petite Silk Lame Braid, a needle, a surprise hand painted wildflower needlepoint canvas, and a multimedia lesson.

  • What size are the wildflowers?

    The wildflowers are painted on 18 count canvas and measure approximately 1.5 x 2.5 inches. The design area including the background is approximately 3 x 4 inches.

  • What colors are the wildflowers and background?

    The wildflowers are warm pink, true blue, and yellow. The background thread is white with a bit of sparkle (we'll be using petite silk lame braid).

Due to their time sensitive nature, online classes can not be returned or exchanged.